Oaklandish With Repair Revolution 2/27

For all of you who have been paying attention to Sweet Potato’s progress over the coming months, a heartfelt thank you. We’re on our second month of an extended pop-up with Repair Revolution at Owl N Wood, and busier than ever.  I’ve so enjoyed repairing and altering your clothes, and breathing life back into garments that are special but need some TLC.  Now, because I just can’t get enough of repairing your clothes, I’m excited to announce that we’ll be at Oaklandish with Repair Revolution THIS SATURDAY (2/27/16) from 12pm-4pm.

What will I be doing at Oaklandish? Repair intake only, talking to you about why repairing your clothes is important, sustainable, and the next big thing, and hopefully meeting fresh new faces.  Jamie and the Repair Revolution team will be there as well to answer questions about Repair Revolution, talk to you about repair, and give you the chance to meet other repair professionals who want to make your life easier.

Who will be in attendance?

  • Sweet Potato Seamstressing, Clothing, vintage clothing restoration, (obviously)
  • Kay Chesterfield, Upholstery  (because you know your furniture needs some love after your ex-girlfriend’s cat clawed it. Her work is GORGEOUS.)
  • Shoe Clinic, Shoe Repair (because you need to stop walking around in those stubby healed boots. Your chiropractor will thank us.)
  • Cole Hardware, Lamp Repair (Oh what, you thought that lamp was busted because it stopped turning on? Think again.)
  • iSave iPhone and iPad Mobile Repair, Apple devices (Don’t spend $700 on a new phone with this guy can fix your’s for cheaper!  You know you want to spend that money on better things!)

Now, I expect to see each one of you there to spread the love and say hi! And if you can’t make it to Oaklandish, you definitely should come down to our Owl N Wood pop-up.  We’ll be there until March 15, so you still have time to have me repair that vintage dress you love so much you wore out the armholes.




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