We’re getting a temp spot in Uptown!

Hello Lovely People! I hope your 2016 has gotten off to a great start.  I’m happy to announce that on Wednesday, January 20th, Sweet Potato Seamstressing will have a new temporary residence with Repair Revolution on the top floor of Owl N Wood in Uptown.  Remember the Repair Revolution pop-up this past October at Owl N Wood?  Well, the sweet potato is being transplanted for an extended visit!

What does this mean for you?

If you would like to get your clothes serviced between now and February 15th, come visit me at Owl N Wood. You might want to give me a heads up just so I know you’re coming, but walk-ins are totally welcome. When your clothes are ready, just come back to the shop to pick them up!

After February 15th I will send around another announcement updating you on our location.

The pros of our new space:

  • Even more BART-able. We’re just a short distance from 19th Street Bart at 45 Grand Ave, Oakland.
  • You get to peruse Owl N Wood every time you come and see me.
  • Our relationship with Repair Revolution means less running around for you, and more time to chill.  Take advantage of Repair Revolution’s network of repair people so you only have to make one trip to get your stuff fixed.

Wait, what’s Repair Revolution?

Repair Revolution is a fantastic new business run by my friend and colleague Jamie Facciola. Repair Revolution repackages and elevates the repair experience. Their goals are to support local skilled artisans (like me!), raise awareness of how many things are repairable, grow appreciation for the associated environmental, social, and economic benefits, keep materials in use — in one form or another, and inspire community around the time-tested, beautiful art of repair. That way, repair people like me can network with other repair artists, and you can get your repair errands finished in one trip.

So if you’re coming to see me about a pair of pants with a rip in the seat, also consider bringing in your knives to get sharpened, or your busted cell phone.  For more information about Repair Revolution, check out their beautifully created website.

What about accessibility?

The new temp space is up a flight of stairs, which I understand is not accessible to all of my wonderful clients. If accessibility is a concern for you, we can set up an appointment outside the office as usual.  It’s no problem.


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