Client Spotlight: Roxana’s Burgandy Bridesmaids Gown

It’s been too long since I’ve featured a client here, in fact I think Terra’s vintage YSL suit was the last post where I blogged about actually tailoring something.  This is so strange, because in actuality tailoring and alterations are what I do for a living. Sure sometimes I make pretty things like wallets, and sometimes I make stuff for myself, or custom made pieces for clients, but my everyday life consists of taking clothing apart and putting it back together.  And I love it. Really and truly I get such a rush from altering garments for people.

Roxana found me via Facebook and came to the Repair Revolution Pop-Up with this stunning burgundy dress for a wedding taking place this month.  The dress was too large for Roxana, and she was kind of enough to let me pin the entire dress up in the window of Owl N Wood, essentially becoming a live demonstration for fitting a dress.  This was definitely when I decided that Roxana was one of my favorite clients ever, because this was pretty cool.  After pinning the dress up in several different places I took it home that night and it was the first project I worked on post-pop-up.


This dress was fun to take apart, and believe me, I ended up doing a lot of adjustments. I detached the lining from the straps and neckline, altered the shape in 4 seams, took up the straps, and reattached everything.  I could tell this bridesmaid’s dress came from a retailer that probably specializes in custom made generic bridesmaid’s dresses, because the inner seams were pretty simple, the lining made from acetate, and it was easy to take apart. Whoever made this dress was well-aware that someone would be altering it eventually, thus is the case with these types of dresses.


The finished dress fit much better! And when Roxana came over to pick it up we scurried outside to take photos in the front garden.  Lovely dress, lovely person, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work on this project.




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