Repair Revolution Pop-Up a Huge Success!

IMG_7346I feel like running a creative business is about partially juggling the actual work with the fluff. I love posting on this blog, but as my business grows it’s harder and harder to make time.  Why? Because I’m altering people’s clothes! The other day I said to my partner in passing, “I’m living the dream.” I didn’t even realize that I said that until later that evening over dinner she mentioned, “Do your realize that earlier today you said to me that you were living your dream?”  It was a moment of absolutely realization, and it felt really good.  And one of the major reasons why I’ve been able to turn this dream into something real is because of the Repair Revolution Pop-Up.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.49.31 AM

A little backstory, Jamie Facciola, the lovely person behind Repair Revolution emailed me back in August asking if I’d be interested in talking about her dream: to open a repair salon that incubates small repair based businesses in Oakland, to bring repair and circular economy principles to the general public.  Think about how much stuff you throw away because it stops working. Jamie’s vision is that the stuff you love you don’t have to toss, you can get it repaired.  We met up and had such excellent work chemistry that the idea behind Pop-Up on October 24 (which was also my 29th birthday) was born on the spot at that meeting.

There was so much work leading up to the pop-up, physical work to prepare but also mental work. I spent weeks asking questions like, “How am I going to get all materials to this shop in Uptown to do repair on the spot?”  and “What if someone wants to be fitted right there?”  I had to create a lot of systems to deal with potential overflow of orders without knowing if we would be successful or not.  Meanwhile Jamie and her fantastic intern Rachel were tweeting, instagramming, and marketing up a storm, so I was pretty sure that at least a few people would show up.

I was wrong.  Not only did a few people show up, a ton of people showed up! And thanks to these wonderfully flexible, and kind people I went home with 20 bags of clothes to alter and repair.  The pop-up was a huge success, and I’m so grateful to Jamie for pulling me into it, but also to everyone who showed up and gave me business that day.  My dream wouldn’t be possible without clients, and I felt blessed to meet so many great new people.


Which leads me to my next point: If you are a client who gave me clothing during the pop-up, I’m slowly getting in touch with people as I finish your orders.  I’ve had a lot of clothes to work on, but of course all of this takes time and I’m a one-person act.  Thank you so much for your patience as I finish up your stuff.  And to those of you who have already picked up, thank you as well! It was a delight working on your clothing.


Now I’m off to you know…work.


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