Sweet Potato Seamstressing // printed lounge set

Handmade Printed Rayon Set: Pants and Crop Top

IMG_6585Just as summer weans into it’s final month, I’m finally able to share and show off this lovely set that I whipped up a little while ago. As some of you may recall, I made linen joggers not too long ago. Because I loved those joggers so much, I decided to make more festive ones in a light weight rayon with this beautiful floral print. I actually made the pants back in June and even took them to Montreal, assuming I’d photograph them while there. That never happened. Something also kept telling me that the project wasn’t complete. Lo and behold, I also had enough material left over to draft this little crop top, the style of which was inspired by all the 70s fashion making it’s way around right now.

You might recognize the top from my last post all about a trip we took to Atlanta. I wore this outfit a few times while soaking up the Atlanta heat, finding it breathable, classy, and practical both for exploring, and lounging.

Sweet Potato Seamstressing - Drinking smoothie from Rawsome Juicery, Atlanta, GA


Because quality means a lot of me, I french seamed both the entire pair of joggers and the little top. When I discovered this material at Piedmont Fabrics I knew immediately that I wanted to use the boldest part of material for the waistband, but didn’t want to commit to it anywhere else on the pants. I was glad that I was able to incorporate it into the top, however, creating a kind of middle explosion that stands out but isn’t too much.

Sweet Potato Seamstressing // handmade rayon lounge set

I also incorporated pockets, which are a little hard to see in these photographs but exist all the same. Since using this pattern to create pockets, I’ve actually started incorporating pockets into many more pieces by default. I’m a little obsessed. It’s actually relatively easy to re-design most patterns to incorporate pockets with little easy.  Try it out, it’s such a fun and practical element to experiment with.

Sweet Potato Seamstressing // joggers and crop top

While I didn’t discover that I had enough material for the top until I made the pants, I had been wanting to try out sets for awhile now. Though I know sets are at thing right now, I think they have the ability to transcend the current fast fashion craze. If you have enough sets that go together, you can forever mix and match. Plus, sets are solving what I call, “my jumpsuit dilemma.” While I love the look of jumpsuits, It occurred to me that I wasn’t actually wanting to invest in a jumpsuit as I’m worried about what will happen when it goes out of style. I’m much more interested in sewing things that I can wear for a long time, or at least restyle for a long time versus things that will likely move out of fashion by next year. That and….how does one pee in a jumpsuit? This is a real question. I don’t want to have to get completely naked whenever I need to use the bathroom. Just saying.

The set allows me to have everything that I love about jumpsuits rolled into one grouping of very versatile pieces. Not to mention comfort. One of the reasons why I’m such a huge fan of joggers is because they’re essentially pajamas. Classy pajamas that no one faults you for wearing out to dinner with heals, but that you can also throw on to go run errands. Who doesn’t love that?

Sweet Potato Seamstressing // Printed crop top and pants


The only caveat about the top is that I still haven’t figured out a bra situation. It almost seems like I need a bra that crosses in the front. Do they make those? So far the dark fabric and my small bust has made it easy enough for me to just forgo a bra, but I’d feel more comfortable with one on. If anyone has any suggestions, definitely let me know.

Wanna make your own set with joggers? Check out the either the Alexandra Trousers by Named clothing or the Harem Pants by Pattern Emporium. You can use any woven tank or tee pattern in matching fabric, or draft your own.




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    • elana

      Thanks 🙂 it probably would but I haven’t ever found a strapless bra that stays on me comfortably. I just don’t have the bust to support it.

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