gray summer knit crop top

Cozy Classy Summer Crop Top in Gray Patterned Knit

gray summer knit crop top I made this newly stitched up gray crop top at the perfect point between Spring and Summer, and while that was a while ago now, I’m still stoked to share it here. In fact, it’s still currently my favorite thing to wear. Every morning I have to purposefully tell myself to reach for something else in my wardrobe because I would probably wear this top every day if it were feasible. It’s like wearing sleep, or clouds, or anything else that instantly evokes cozy.

DIY crop top

It’s actually a little too hot out for me right now to feel cozy. July and August tend to be exhausting for me, as the heat keeps me up at night, making it hard to sleep. Luckily, while this knit is heavy enough to wear to keep warm in the winter, it has yet to dissuade me from wearing it in the summer months. The short cuffed sleeves are roomy, and paired with my linen joggers or a skirt, this top is shockingly perfect for summer weather.

summer knit top

I found this material on the same shopping trip in my hometown as when I found this beautiful floral print canvas. I love thrift store fabric. I’m always left wondering about the person who owned it before me. In this case I’d like to think it was a grandma who kept a lot of comfy fabric around for making things like sweaters and knit quilts for her grandkids. Who knows. I remember having to stuff a lot of material in my little carryon, in my purse, and wondering if I should just drape some of it on me to get it all back to California.

I originally used this ultra soft heavy knit material to make a shirt with puffy 3/4 length sleeves a la 1980s, well over a year ago. I wore it a bunch, but I started to grow tired of it, and pretty soon I forgot I even owned it. Does that ever happen to you? Losing once-loved pieces to the void that is my closet is a habit. I found it again about a month ago and began re-envisioning it.  It wasn’t until a few days ago, however, that I realized that if I shortened it,  I could use the excess from the bottom to make new sleeves, plus use the old sleeves to finish off the neckline. I had never had enough material to finish the neckline before, but once I changed my expectations I ended up with a much more durable and classier top.

cactus and gray crop top, gold leaf, southwestern house

As you may know, this isn’t the first crop top I’ve made. The other one, however, was much shorter and meant to be worn with only high-waisted stuff. This has actually been a problem in my life, as I’ve recently been feeling a surge to over-haul my wardrobe and I’ve yet to find anything to wear with that particular top.  This beautiful gray top, however, is much more wearable because it covers my belly button. This means I can wear it with just about my entire wardrobe. It still has that cute cropped look, but is much more a transition piece and I think it’s style will hold over a few years.

Grey crop top for summer


I was really inspired by the Inari Crop Top Pattern by Named Clothing.  I love those cute cuffed sleeves. Now many times have I said that I love Named Clothing patterns on this blog? A thousand.  So, if you have a shirt in your wardrobe that’s giving you trouble, try turning it into a crop top, or send it my way and I’ll do it for you.


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