Sweet Potato Seamstressing - Floral Silk Ella Top

Vintage Silk Ella Top + I Had An Awesome Launch Party

Sweet Potato Seamstressing - Floral Silk Ella Top Remember when I mentioned that I started cutting an Ella Top out in the middle of the night? Yes, well, I’m happy to report back that the Ella Top sews up as quick as it is to cut out and is absolutely lovely.  I had this vintage floral silk in my stash that I scored in a bargain bin just begging to be added to my wardrobe.  I sewed it up with pale pink trim salvaged on the same trip, and I absolutely love the flattering, versatile cut of this top.  I purchased the Ella Top pattern by Liola Designs in Indiesew’s Summer Collection package. vintage silk ella top I love working with vintage fabrics. The quality, the beautiful old prints, and the delicate nature of the materials release my inner nerd. If you want to chit chat about textile history I’m so your girl. If you ever want to know what words like chintz or cretonne mean, I’d be happy enlighten you. There’s something about sewing with vintage fabric that makes me feel like I’m just carrying out the natural life cycle of a piece of material stuck in time. So many women tucked special fabrics away for safe keeping, intending to cut into them someday, and never doing it. I can relate to that feeling. I’ve had fabrics for 10 years before cutting into them, afraid that my early visions of a project were not worth ruining the material. Sweet Potato Seamstressing - vintage silk ella top I had this silk for a few months intending to make a blouse before I purchased the Ella Top pattern. Only requiring 1 1/3 yards of fabric for a size small, if you have a remnant you want to make something from, this top is a God-send. Sweet Potato Seamstressing - silk Ella Top What I loved most about the Ella Top in no particular order: 1. The pattern instructions were super easy to follow.  It’s definitely a pattern a beginner could feel confident using. 2. I feel like the cut would flatter multiple body types. I know that on me it looks like a thin girl wearing wide flowy tunic-like blouse, but the cut of the neckline was definitely drafted for someone with a a larger bust than I offer. 3. I’m pretty sure I could tweak this pattern and make a zillion different tops. Making the racer-back wider one could add sleeves easily, and this pattern would work for just about any woven fabric with a little drape. 4. As mentioned, it was super quick to sew up. It took me longer than expected because working with silk is always a delicate matter, but if I was sewing this in rayon or cotton it would have been a breeze. 5. French Seams. I love French seams. I feel the same away about French seams as I do French pastries, and French cheeses.  French seams just offer such a professional quality that way surpasses the ugly encasings of the serger. I was clearly born in the wrong era. Sweet Potato Seamtressing - Floral Ella Top I want to make one of these blouses for everyone I know. I’d love to see how it fits someone with a wider bust, which means my partner might be getting a new blouse, unbeknownst to her. I was also super excited to wear this top recently at a private launch party I hosted to test out the marketability of some of my products, offer my favorite people and clients exclusive alterations discounts and just hang out in general. It was so lovely to catch up with everyone, and see who was drawn to what handmade wallets, drink wine and play pin the bow tie on the cactus. The fantastic turn out at this event made me want to host more, so if you happen to be one of my clients I’ll definitely keep you posted. Has anyone else made the Ella Top? Any one have any cute ideas for what could be added to it?


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