SweetPotato Seamstressing - body con dress slit

Glitter Ponte Bodycon Dress: Going to Prom

SweetPotato Seamstressing - ponte knit body con dress

I know I’ve been depriving everyone of outfit photos for too long. It’s been almost two weeks. I know. I’ve been so busy with launching my the Sweet Potato Seamstressing shop and preparing for other big business things. I haven’t even time to sew for myself, which is a shame because for my half-birthday my partner treated me to Indiesew’s summer collection. Last night I couldn’t sleep and I actually took it as an opportunity to cut out the Ella Top in the middle of the night. It was 2am. That’s how dismal my sewing-for-me schedule has been.

A few weeks ago, however, I had the opportunity to make an emergency prom dress for the daughter of an old coworker. It was quite a fun project, and though she needed it in a week I’m happy to report the style she chose made making this dress in a week a real possibility. She wanted a bodycon dress in a stretchy material, she had picture, and I thought, “What the heck, that would only take me a few hours to make.” I picked out this lovely black ponte knit with silver sparkles all over it and made her the dress. I liked the fabric so much I bought extra for myself. Of course I only factored the cost of her portion of the material into my total price, but I was left with all this beautiful fabric on hand.  This meant that I got to make my very own prom dress! And it only took about 2 hours. 2 hours that I gave to myself.

SweetPotato Seamstressing -black knit body con dress

For myself I designed a different version of a body con dress, with panels going up the sides of the body for my structure and curvature (the difference between a 16 year old’s body and a 28 year old body means that I needed more shape in order to not look like I was trying to be 16), and a yoke with a peek-a-boo slit above the bust, below the collar-bone. I also made mine longer as I don’t have a ton of dresses that hit below the knee and wanted to experiment with the retro feel of that length. I wanted something that I could dress up and dress down, wear a sweater over, but also go out dancing in. And I designed just that dress. I tried it out at a birthday party last weekend and boy was this dress the best thing I’ve every danced in!

SweetPotato Seamstressing - Black body con dressThe dress also had me taking a trip down memory lane in regards to my own prom.  I can’t be the only person in the world whose prom experience was less then stellar. The actual prom itself wasn’t so bad. I went with a dear friend who at the time was very gay but very closeted and we made a good pair. There we were, two queer kids at prom going, “What are we doing here?” I wore a poofy red dress circa 2004 when the styles were long and like cream puffs with spaghetti straps.  It’s shocking, but I didn’t make that dress. I think that at the time I was so used to making my own clothes I wanted the experience of buying my prom dress.  My mom and I found it at Dillards. I remember the dress perfectly, but I’m happy to say my style has evolved since then. If I were going to go to prom now I’d probably settle for the dress I lovingly whipped up.

SweetPotato Seamstressing  - body con dress slit

Going to the birthday party was kind of like going to prom, a prom full of my partner Amanda’s colleagues. There was food, dancing, drinking (I did not drink at my prom but I’m assuming there were some kids who were sneakier than I was!) and creepy guys.

SweetPotato Seamstressing - black body con dress sparkles

Does anyone have any horrific prom stories to share?


11 thoughts on “Glitter Ponte Bodycon Dress: Going to Prom

  1. atkokosplace

    My date backed out at the very last minute. I went anyway with the encouragement of friends and got to take prom pics with a very, very good friend. Over 25 years later my very good friend and I are still friends. I do think prom is over rated. If I had to do it all over again I would stay home. 🙂

  2. Nancy

    Since I went to prom several centuries ago (well, in the ’90’s… the early ’90’s… ok, 1990), my prom dress would now be so retro it’d be incredibly cool, once again. It was forest green/black iridescent taffeta with a black lace overlay on the dropped-waist bodice and sheer lace puffy sleeves that went off the shoulder. The bottom was a two tier mini-bubble skirt. My mom made it. I LOVED it. The date isn’t really worth revisiting. 😉

    • elana

      That sounds like it was an awesoms dress! I love early 90s fashion and anything with lace so its safe to say I would have had major dress envy 😉 I’m noticing a trend with the dates in these stories.

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