Sweet Potato Seamstressing - brightly colored floral blouse

Me Made May Day 15: Floral Peasant Blouse +Refashioned Cardigan

Sweet Potato Seamstressing - Brightly colored blouse and gray cardigan

I’ve already blogged about this floral blouse, but as Me Made May continues I’ve had to be quite creative with my outfit choices. It hasn’t always been entirely easy to come up with a me-made outfit, and over the past few days I’ve been expanding my me-made wardrobe quite a bit. Plus sewing for clients. Plus researching social media strategy. Plus figuring out how one actually makes sales on Etsy. Plus turning my instagram profile into a work of art. I’ve been a busy bee.

I wanted to reblog about this blouse, however, because I simply love it and the photos of it the first time did not do it justice. It was a sunny day, enough said.  Today I wore it paired with this light gray refashioned cardigan that I’ve been living in since Me-Made-May began.  Since you already probably know about my intense and deep relationships with sweaters bordering on the inappropriate, it should come to no surprise that I love this one just as much.

Sweet Potato Seamstressing - Refashioned sweater cardigan See, it all began when I started using this sweater as a bathrobe. Believe me it was longer then and covered me, but it started to look a little trashy when I noticed there was a hole in the butt. Plus it was a designer sweater. What was I doing wearing it as a bathrobe anyway? So I did the only thing I know how to do in times of distress: I shortened it. And removed the hideous drawstring bows.  Now it is the perfect cardigan. I dress it up, down and all around. As I mentioned earlier this week, I will refashion something forever.

Sweet Potato Seamtressing - Floral blouse and gray sweater

The cardigan also answered the most pivotal question of my seamstress/clothing-obsessed existence: What do I wear with this beautiful blouse I’ve made. See, if it were sunny and warm in the Bay Area all the time the answer would be nothing, obviously. Unfortunately, this thing called fog rolls into the bay leaving everything massively chilly. People from out of town love to come here in the summer and bring nothing but shorts. It breaks one’s heart to explain that while this is California, it’s too cold to just wear shorts in the middle of June. It’s like wearing shorts in October most other places. It’s just frigid out. Now I have the perfect solution.

Sweet Potato Seamstressing - Refashioned Sweater and Bright Peasant Blouse

Of course, those of you who are up-to-date on Sweet Potato at all times, or have followed Sweet Potato’s evolution know that the embroidery on the top of the blouse is no random decision. I love topstitching, pretty stitches, and embellishment. Bring on the glitz. The subtle glitz of course. And for those of you who are wondering, yes, this is my natural hair texture. I’m going to start telling people that I have mermaid hair. It’s much easier than saying kinda curly, kinda wavy.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend 🙂


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