Early Morning Coffee Sweater: Me Made May Day 6

diy chevron fleece sweater A year ago, I found an oversized black knit sweater in the free box that I adopted and affectionately named Blanket Sweater. This sweater was everything I’d ever wanted in a sweater, and as close to adopting a cat as I could conceivably come with my living situation.  I wore Blanket Sweater as everything from a bathrobe to a coat. Then one forsaken day while I was traveling to Michigan to visit my grandmother who was in the hospital, I accidentally abandoned Blanket Sweater in the San Francisco International Airport.  This was a major problem for two reasons: 1. On that trip Blanket Sweater was supposed to be my coat. 2. I lost the closest thing I’ve ever known to owning the perfect thing to match all other things in my wardrobe that I loved.  I vowed right then and there that I would find a new blanket sweater, even if it cost me. I eventually found a replacement blanket sweater in a thrift store in Arizona. It’s not at all the same sweater, but it does just fine. After buying this sweater (Blanket Sweater II) I decided that I should make several copies in case I ever lost that sweater, and I should make them out of fleece because fleece is the easiest thing to sew and the warmest.  See, this is where things got really hairy. I constructed a perfect replica of the new blanket sweater in the lovely chevron fleece I found on sale BUT in chevron the blanket sweater looked hideous! It resembled a garment that you’d find at a thrift store but leave behind after trying it on and mocking it to your friends. Those that are close to me know that I rarely abandon a project just because it doesn’t work out the first time. It was time to refashion it. I tapered the sleeves, and lopped 6 inches off the bottom, and now I call it my Early  Morning Coffee Sweater. Never mind that I don’t drink caffeine nor get up in what I would define as the early morning, but if I did, this is what I would wear. chevron fleece cardigan The Early Morning Coffee Sweater outfit is day 6 of Me Made May. I’m still going strong. The only time I fluttered in my commitment was this past Sunday when I couldn’t find anything me-made that was warm enough to wear (I’d forgotten about the fleecy softness of my Early Morning Coffee Sweater) to drinks with friends in San Francisco where it is cold, colder than cold to us wimpy East Bay sunshine bugs. I pulled on a chambray button down feeling super defeated, like I was turning my back on my goal, when I realized that I indeed altered and bleached this button down several years ago. Me-made enough for me in that moment. diy fleece sweater refashioned sweater So far I’ve really enjoyed this challenge, however. It’s making me reflect on the parts of my wardrobe that I want to expand. I’d love more me-made blouses and trousers. I’d love more sweater options. I need to make more time to sew for myself, in addition to sewing for clients. Me Made May has also been a great way to network. Every time someone says that they like my outfit, I have the perfect in-road to explain what I do. IMG_5171 I hope everyone is having a glorious week, and sticking to their Me Made May goals. We’re in it together. One me-made day at a time. Going to finish my decaf herbal tea and flip on my machine. Ta-Ta!


13 thoughts on “Early Morning Coffee Sweater: Me Made May Day 6

  1. Lauren

    This is the most cozy-looking outfit ever! Hope your Me Made May is going well! I’m definitely realising the holes in my wardrobe, mostly a distinct lack of trousers!

    • elana

      Thank you! It’s having a cold has me realizing the lack of me-made pajamas I own! So far it’s been a really eye-opening experience into my wardrobe. Best of luck to you with the challenge!

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