Floral + Velvet Crop Top Refashion

floral and velvet crop top

Today I’m showing off one of my favorite new pieces entirely designed by me (twice, actually!). One evening as I was going through my wardrobe and trying to figure out what needed to be refashioned, I came across this blouse that I’d made a few years ago when peter pan collars and peplum tops were still popular. While I loved the colors and the material used on this blouse, I knew I wouldn’t wear it again, and also knew that to refashion it meant going shorter. Luckily, a crop top is just what I’ve been missing in my wardrobe!


The floral print chiffon polyester came from a pair of very 90s pants that my mom had hiding in her closet. I originally cut up the pants made the peplum, but this time, I chopped off the peplum and drafted two short sleeves envisioning a raglan look, while keeping the neckline relatively the same.

floral and velvet crop top

The black part is actually a knit velvet scrap that my grandmother sent me in the mail. There was really never enough of the knit to do a lot with, which was why I originally made it into the two-tone peplum. It’s so soft and snuggly as the crop top though! I really wanted something that I could wear on hot spring and summer days, something that travels well, and something that I could maybe dress up next fall. I also mentioned in yesterday’s creative inspiration post  that Amanda and I will be going to Montreal in June for the Women’s World Cup. I was totally channeling Montreal when I was refashioning this blouse, imagining myself wearing this top while sipping something cold and using my broken French to ask where the bathroom is (despite the fact that many people in Montreal speak English).

floral and velvet crop top

You can’t really tell in the picture, but I’m disappointed with the right sleeve. I had to draft it over a seam so it lays funny compared to the left one. I’m sure it’s only something that I would notice, but the perfectionist in me wishes it were just slightly different.

floral and velvet crop top

Aside from that one little flaw, there’s a few things in my wardrobe I’m dying to wear this with. If you choose to make or buy your own crop top, my biggest advice is that you wear it with something high-waisted that covers your belly button. This is not 1998. It will give a classier silhouette and allow you to look like an adult.

floral and velvet crop top

All in all, I’m very excited about how this top turned out, and honestly wish I had the technology to create a pdf pattern for you. If I were ever to do so, a top like this is what I’d want to share. If, however, you want to make your own, I suggest finding t-shirt pattern, or blouse pattern with side-darts, and lopping off the bottom about 6-7 inches below the bust. Pair it with any high waisted skirt, shorts, trousers, or overalls and you’re all set!

floral and velvet crop top and top knot

Also check out this crop top inspiration:

The Briar Tee by Megan Nielsen is a new favorite of mine.

This stunning crop top designed and embroidered by Marusya Grace.

This crop top tutorial by Sadie from What a Treasure

Maybe I’ll post a tutorial sometime. Definitely expect a few more crop tops to show up here in the coming months.


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