Sweet Little Wallet In Violets and Teals

trifold wallet in purple and teal Hello lovelies, I’m super excited to share this violet and teal wallet for your Tuesday viewing pleasure. Remember all those wallets I was making a few months ago? Well I have not stopped, but I have gotten better. And if you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably seen some of these in progress shots already.

trifold wallet in purple and teal

I designed this wallet for Amanda to give to her mom (Sue) as a birthday present.  Of all the wallets I’ve made thus far this was definitely my favorite. It was with this wallet that I finally reached that euphoric, high-pitched, lovely place where you know you’ve finally mastered something. It was no doubt that this wallet was the best and my favorite because I’d made 20 wallets before it that I’d slowly picked over, perfected, and over-thought.

quilting cotton in teal and purple

Something happened with this wallet where I suddenly understood interfacing for the first time in my life. See, I thought I understood interfacing, but I had it all wrong for years and years. The stiffer interfacing gets ironed onto the outside facing fabric. DUH right?! DUH! For some reason it wasn’t until this wallet that I started doing that. And the results are fabulous!


I also decided to change how I insert zippers. Why waste one’s time and perfectly good needles trying to topstitch over a zipper that’s been sewn directly into the seams that hold the wallet together? I hated it. It looked so sloppy. This wallet championed my new habit of making a welted zippered pocket. It also means less fabric is used, which is a win all around.

Making a handmade wallet

Everything from picking out the fabrics to constructing the wallet was totally thrilling, though I asked for Amanda’s input on major design choices like embroidery, colors, and what fabric she envisioned on the outside.  I’ve since heard back that the wallet was well received, which is great news to me!  Though whatever the result, this wallet deeply inspired me to start adding more color into my sewing. Immediate after making this wallet I started experimenting even more with bright shades of pink, teal, blue, and orange, and starting to build a more cohesive collection.

Handmade trifold wallet in purple and teal



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