Lucky Irish Linen Skirt (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)

green linen skirt st.patricks day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It’s not without it’s historical issues around colonialism and what not, but I’m partially Irish like most people in the United States and feel compelled to write about it and show off this lovely green linen skirt that I made last November.  I snagged this Vogue Options pattern (V8750) from my mom last year and immediately sewed it up with this linen that I’ve been toting around for almost 10 years. I was always much to afraid to cut into it, afraid my skills weren’t up to the task. The linen also came from my mother, and she had it for probably 20 years before she gave it to me. Vintage linen. One must think before they chop into vintage linen.

green linen skirt with pink belt St. Patricks Day has never been my favorite holiday. I hate that it gives people the idea that they have the right to go around pinching you if you don’t wear green. I don’t condone non-consensual pinching of any kind. But boy do I love the color green! It’s the luckiest color in the whole universe!

lucky irish green linen skirt

Now for some fun family history. My Irish lineage comes from my paternal grandmother Jane (maiden name Maginnis). Her father was conceived in Ireland by two opera singers who were having an affair. That’s right, there was some cheating, there was some betrayal, an unexpected pregnancy…It was quite dramatic. Update: My Uncle has informed me that part of this story is not true, that he was conceived in New York and might have been Danish. IDK. Someone was Irish, they had babies, they might have had babies with a Danish person. Who knows. I am the entire continent of Europe.

green linen skirt in shamrock green with cloverDoesn’t my family drama just illuminate the beautiful details in this skirt? I loved piecing it together. You can’t really tell from the picture but I’m pretty proud of my topstitching and the perfect blind hem. Anyway, my great grand father was born, and the rest is history. The only weird thing about any of this is that it’s my father’s side of the family were I get my dark hair. Never mind that my mother is Italian, she’s a natural red-head. It’s my father who has the tan skin, and dark complexion.

handmade green linen skirt for spring fashion And I can tell you why. Someone in my family had their genes mapped, and it turns out that some of our DNA (I’m butchering this. Where is Amanda when I need her to explain the science stuff) was linked to the Iberian Peninsula. Genetics jump out in the strangest ways.

green linen skirt handmade for spring sewing vogue patternsAnyway, it’s all ridiculous anyway. Humans from all continents have more in common genetically with each other than not. The only thing that really separates us are social constructions. But now you know a tiny piece about my family history, and you’ve gazed at my lovely skirt! So it’s a win-win situation.

Now go out, get a beer, and have some fun 🙂


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