Selfish Sewing Week: Pink Champagne Fringe Skirt

pink fringe skirt with ttext

It’s selfish sewing week! What is that you ask? It’s a week where you’re allowed to make anything you want for yourself. While many people do sew for themselves, those people with kids or people like me who sew for a living find selfish sewing week very cathartic. It’s all about me this week! Or in your case you.

Selfish Sewing week this year is being hosted by three fantastic sewing websites that you may have heard of: IndiesewImagine Gnats, and Kollabora.  There’s a contest and prizes…it’s all very exciting. I’ve entered this skirt into the Indiesew contest, so if you’re so inclined you can go there and vote for me! There’s also a number of other talented and amazing sewists and seamstresses who have entered their stuff, so feel free to vote for them as well.

And even better, selfish sewing week gave me the opportunity to try out a pattern I’ve been really wanting to test. The Pleated Pencil Skirt Pattern by Delia Creates, purchased on Indiesew.   The other day, I saw this GORGEOUS skirt featured in J. Crew’s fall/winter 2015 RTW line.  My heart stopped as I gazed longingly at the fringe, wanting to wear it, to look at it, and honestly to just touch it.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 6.03.35 PM

I knew only one thing: I had to make a skirt similar to this skirt.

Then a glorious thing happened. I was talking back from the fabric store to BART with a client and friend and we happened upon a $1 remnant sale at the Lacis: The Museum for Laces and Textiles. Unheard of! As we dug through the boxes, literally sitting on the street right in front of them I found a beautiful champagne pink silk piece that had been accidentally stained on the edge. I turned to my client and friend and declared, “Tina! I’m going to make this into a skirt.”

I knew just what skirt I wanted to make only there was the slight problem regarding the fringe. Most fringe seems to be either leather, or that stringy stuff people sew on to flapper costumes.  I wanted long luscious fringe like in the photograph. I didn’t want to invest in leather, and I certainly didn’t want to use the flapper fringe. Then an idea struck. I remembered a designer named Mary Adams whose book I read (and recommend) who had cut thin bias strips and just sewed them onto dresses as is because fabric cut on the bias doesn’t fray.  Duh! It seems so simple and silly now.  So I created fringe by cutting into fabric squares that I cut on the bias.

DIY pink fringe

And oh what lovely fringe it did make.

I absolutely loved the Delia Creates pencil skirt pattern.  A few tips however: If you’re a person on the small side like me, you’ll  need to take the skirt and lining in A LOT. I think I took it 1 inch on each side. I shortened the skirt by 12 inches and removed the kickback as I wanted to add the fringe and it was unneeded in my vision. That said, I like the kickback in the pattern. I also curved the waistband for a more tailored fit.  Aside from that, great instructions, clear pattern, easy to sew up, and I’ll definitely be using it again.

IMG_3244You can see the staining on the edge in the picture above. Even with the stain, can you imagine only paying $1 for this piece of fabric?!

handmade long fringe trimTo sew the fringe on, I pinned it to the edge of the skirt (before inserting the zipper and the lining), and sewed right sides together and right along the edge flipped it over, and ironed.

sewing fringe trim in champaign pinkFor better control for the fringe trim, I sewed the lining to the trim. This is not what the pattern called for, but it looks much cleaner inside and I always appreciate a nice blind hem.

champaign pink fringe skirt selfish sewing week Check it out! Who’s that lady rocking that fringe? That would be me.

pink long fringe pencil skirt for selfish sewing weekThis has to be Emily’s best photo shoot yet.  She really captured some nice angles.

pink long fringe skirt with silver pumps high heals

Tomorrow I’m going to a Smith Alumnae talk on taking risks.  Can you guess what I’m going to be wearing?

pink long fringe skirt back view

Going to be wearing the fringe skirt that won’t quit! In fact, I’ll probably be wearing this skirt all year round.

pink long fringe skirt mid-calf length


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