Refashion Thursday: Sleeveless Shirt Dress

IMG_2928I’ve been really inspired lately by all the wonderful shirt dresses available this Spring.  The shirt dress is such a classic staple to have in your wardrobe, for layering, lounging, or just wearing as is.  I had this dress kicking around for quite a while. It was always cute on it’s own, but as time went by I started to wear it less and less as the sleeve fashions changed, though I always loved the print. If you haven’t figured out by now, I love dusty, seemingly western, or desert-esque prints and fabrics (as long as they’re not too culturally appropriative.)

This was the dress before:


All I did to make this sleeveless shirt dress is chop off the sleeves of the dress and finish off the sleeve holes, chop off the frilly accent at the collar, and use the fabric from the puff sleeves to make a pocket.

IMG_2918The pocket was annoying to sew on. I feel like I kept adding it to the wrong place and had to start over a few times to get it right. It seems to be ok now, but it just goes to show you how much of a perfectionist I really am.


The final dress is cute, and something I can see myself wearing a lot in the coming months.  It would also be an extremely easy dress to draft a pattern for and copy.  It would be cute to add long sleeves as well. There are some incredibly cute indie patterns on the market for shirt dresses already, however.  The Wenona Shirt Dress by Named Clothing is one that I have my eye on (Honestly, I have my eye on all the patterns by Named Clothing.).



Of course it’s a cold February day in my neck of the woods, so a sweater was needed.  But like I said earlier, this dress is for layering.




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