Alterations Tuesday: Patching Denim


It’s been quite the week, which is why I’m late on all my posts.  As things are starting to go back to normal after dealing with a terrible mold situation at home, as well as an extremely busy weekend, I’m finding that I feel more focused than ever.  Focused and tired of having only one pair of black jeans available to me.  The pair featured in this post had the most annoying hole near the back seam (that’s the seam that sits on your booty!) and I’ve been too inundated with business to patch my own stuff.  Today, however, I decided to take these black jeans on.


It seems like everyone these days has their own method of patching denim.  Instead of adding extra material to the jeans, which I find bulky and unnecessarily annoying to deal with, I prefer to  darn over the hole with a regular sewing machine stitch.  If the thread matches, the darning practically blends into the denim.  Plus, because one basically recreates the fabric when doing this method, it’s a much sturdier and solid solution.


First, I take piece of heavy fusible interfacing and iron it to the inside of the jeans, right over the hole.  Then, I flip the jeans over, and machine stitch over the hole, going about 1/4″ over each side to make sure the stitching is connected to the unfreyed denim.  I machine stitch over it until it’s completely flat and looks like this:


And there you have it!  Pretty simple, and pretty straightforward. I usually charge about $3-4 per hole depending on the size of the hole and how extensive the damage is.  A little tip: If you take your jeans to me while the hole is still the size of a nickel, it’s going to save you much more money and look way better than when the hole is gapping.


In other news, I’ve started a Sweet Potato Seamstressing Facebook Page! If you have Facebook and want to stay in the loop in terms of what I post here, definitely like the page of Facebook and  stay tuned for deals, prizes, and other exciting news!










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