Refashion Thursday: Dress from Hospital Pants

IMG_2973So I’m trying to get myself organized to post more frequently about projects that aren’t in the form of products, but that more demonstrate my imagination and/or skills.  Therefore, every Thursday I will post a refashion project that I’ve done recently, for your amusement! This project is more about my imagination as it was a quick project that keeps getting a lot of attention from friends.  The story…well…back in October one of my dear housemates brought home a TON of clothes from their sister’s giveaway bag. The clothes they didn’t want they gave me first dibs on as a birthday present! I scored quite the bounty of free clothes that day, cute ones too.  Then there were the hospital pants. Standard blue hospital pants with an elastic waist that you might wear if you were in the hospital for awhile.  If you want an idea of what the pants looked like, just Google ‘Hospital Pants’ and you’ll get the picture.

When I saw these pants I immediately thought, “That is a dress waiting to happen.”  For a few days I sketched possible versions of the potential dress, hoping that my idea would actually work.  See, with wide legged pants it’s very easy to chop the bottom half of the pants off and use that material to construct the top half of your dress. I’d made one other dress like this before that I’ve since turned into other things as it went out of style eventually. What you need to bank on is that the waist fits you, or is even a little too big. If your top half is too large to simply use the bottom of the pants as a bodice, you can add virtually as much fabric as you want. As long as the waist fits, you can add a zipper or buttons if you need to.  I wanted to keep things simple, so I didn’t do anything too interesting.


I might post instructions on how to make this kind of dress, as it’s so easy and yields cute results for layering dresses.  It’s also the quickest dress to whip up, I think it took me less than an hour to complete.  The only caveat is that if you get your elastic waist pants from an actual hospital they might have an ironed on name tag or logo.  I just patched that part up with some extra fabric, but you could easily make a pocket.


And now I have a cute dress to layer with in the winter and wear as is in summer!



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