Medley of Cute Clutches


Fresh for Spring I’ve been busy making these adorable clutches to supplement the wallets in what will be the Sweet Potato shop.  After needing a break from wallet making (because how many wallets can one person make in a 48 hour period really?) I started experimenting with muslin scraps that someone had given me. I know muslin isn’t the most glamorous material in the world, most people would consider it just for making up toiles and such. I, however, happen to appreciate the rustic quality of muslin. It has a kind of unfinished loveliness that I often enjoy for casual use items.


These clutches were inspired by trips I’ve taken to the desert. I grew up partially in Arizona, and on different hikes and road trips I witnessed the myriad of colors that paint the sky in the desert, distracting from it’s brown and red hues.  During sunset the sky flushes with pink and fades into a beautiful blue before turing to night and illuminating everything with millions of stars.


Constructing the clutches was a fun process, giving me a break from the more focused work of making wallets.  Each clutch is lined with more muslin, and a few sheets of interfacing for structure and durability.  The lace pieces on the clutch lined lined with pink on the flap came from a Britex remnant. The lace on the clutch lined with blue on the flap actually came from the same giveaway bag that the muslin came out of! I used to work with this wonderful, generous woman whose friend was also a seamstress. One day she came into the office with a huge bag of goodies for me! Let’s just say I have enough of that lace to last me a long time.


I think I want to make a few more with the remaining muslin in other colors, but I need to go through my stash and make sure I have right pallet to create an appropriate set.


I also constructed this smaller cutie clutch from scraps left over from wallet making. It’s officially Amanda’s favorite, which is wonderful because I love when she is particularly excited about something I make.

IMG_2790 IMG_2789 IMG_2791

Keep checking back for more updates to the products I’m making for the Sweet Potato Shop. Until next time!




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