Wallets Popping Up Like Daisies

IMG_3083Feast your eyes on the very first Sweet Potato wallets by your’s truly.  I’ve been pumping out wallets morning, noon and night around here, stamping each one with it’s own unique button.  As expected, they’re growing in to what Amanda and I have started to call “Southwest Classy”.  Meaning, one could very well wander around the Southwest feeling perfectly antiqued with one and feel no shame.

IMG_3093There are full-sized trifold wallets, featuring 6 credit card pockets, two large pockets for bills, and 1 zippered pocket for coins.

IMG_3094And baby-sized twofold wallets are on the way, basking in all their cuteness and featuring one large pocket, 6 credit card pockets, and 2 hidden pockets.


There’s still so much work to do but I’m feeling overwhelmed with excitement as each new wallet takes form. I’ll keep you posted on the progress, but think good thoughts around my creativity lasting to continue designing. Each wallet, after all, takes a lot of mental energy.




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