Sweet Potato Wallets In Progress

These wallets are in the infancy stage, and I could not be more excited.  As I construct each one, I find that they evolve into their own small piece of art right before my eyes.  The detail and care that I put into each wallet is beginning to grow and so are my prospects in terms of where you will be able to purchase wallets for your own use!


I’m focusing on strange and interesting color and print combinations. Most of the materials have been repurposed from the Depot for Creative Reuse, and other local Oakland thrift stores, except for interfacing. Closures hail from Hopscotch Craft Supply, and vintage zippers from Two Of A Kind Supplies. I’m trying to make all of my supplies as local as possible to reduce my carbon footprint with shipping, though reused materials are important to me as well.


Of course I’m busy constructing wallets in between doing alterations and garment repair and as I keep getting jobs I have to use my time wisely.  That said,  they are on their way. Expect them to be available for sale early February on Etsy, and hopefully at craft fairs and other events soon after.  I’ll update you soon with pictures of finished wallets and other treats!


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