New Little Wallet plus Good News!


Goodbye Tory Burch, I’ve found a new alternative to storing my money in this fantastic trifold wallet. I’d been craving a new wallet for about a year. It’s not that my current wallet wasn’t functional, it was, but walking around West Oakland with a Tory Burch wallet seemed stupid.  It seemed stupid because of the obvious class implications that carrying such a wallet would imply.  Every time I pulled it out to pay for something my face would flush with embarrassment.  I didn’t grow up rich, why the heck did I have that wallet? (It was a gift a long time ago now.)


And that was how the Sweet Potato Wallet was born into this world.  I sought to make a wallet that was functional, beautiful, and evoked my earthy style.  I’ve always needed a place for my checkbook (Sorry Tory but you failed me on that front) and for receipts that I have to collect for business and for co-op purchases.  The new wallet has all of these things. It features a pocket for my checkbook and receipts, 6 card pockets, a bill pocket, and a zippered coin pocket (where I’ve also stashed a few Sweet Potato business cards!).


I picked out my fabrics from a pile of scraps I have going, though the cream and mauve fabric was a remnant I found on a trip to Stitches during a recent trip to Seattle.  If you live in Seattle and haven’t been there yet, you’re missing out. They have beautiful fabric, yarn, notions, and a friendly staff.


Another fantastic aspect of making this wallet was that for Christmas my family gave me a new sewing machine (that Amanda and I have affectionately named Oyster).  While I will still be using Cricket for some things, my new machine has 69 stitches including automatic buttonholes. I had no idea after years as a seamstress that sewing could be so easy after using a vintage machine! It was such a pleasure to do the embroidered triangles on the new wallet with the click of a few buttons.


And…And….Possibly the best news out of this wallet-making adventure is that after showing it off to friends, I will be designing a few wallets for purchase! I will be featuring a trifold wallet, a twofold wallet, and possibly a few other goodies as well.  Right now the goal is to have the Sweet Potato online shop active in early February, and though I’m also looking into local venues and events to sell at too.

So stay tuned for all of the fantastic expansions with Sweet Potato!


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