Anthropologie Inspired Upcycled T-shirt Blouse


This blouse evolved out of two shirts one evening where I desperately wanted a blouse that looked similar to one that I saw in an Anthropologie catalogue. I know I’m not the only one who drools over Anthropologie’s stuff, secretly hates them for ripping off indie designers, and regardless can’t afford them anyway.

This process is one of my favorite ways to get new clothing. First I scour Anthro’s website, and pick out all the items I want, saving them into a Pinterest board.  Then I see what I have on hand that I can copy into a new garment. In this case it was the bottom half of a lace t-shirt whose top-half went toward a dress, and a t-shirt I’d refashioned 4 years ago that now looked a little drab.



Makes an excellent layering piece, as well as great on it’s own.


As I had to piece a few scraps of lace together to make the yoke and sleeves (which I hoped would be longer but have since grown on me) I’m surprised that the blouse turned out as well as it did. IMG_3015Will be wearing it for hopefully a long time.



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